Wednesday, July 1, 2015


The midweek slump is here. Headache this morning after probably having one too many drinks last night (which was a total of three). Crawled out of bed, made breakfast, did some yoga and now perusing the Facebook. Turkish protesters are getting hit with water hoses and rubber bullets. A glimpse of my old cat on a video of puppies. I can't seem to stop my eyes from watering this morning and I'm not sure what is wrong. I don't know that there is anything wrong, except for a chemical imbalance in my brain. I'm not sure the Latuda is working. I seem to be having a lot more ups and downs and nothing really steady. It could be because summer is full of ups and downs, but I don't think that is the complete cause.

I did a painting yesterday, a large one on wood in the style of Jackson Pollock. Someone stopped by and thought that my 8 year old did it, so that made me a little disheartened. My husband likes it though. I need to bring it inside as I think it might ran in a little while.

One of my least favorite tasks has been completed, ahem, paying bills. Ugh. I should just be happy we have the money to pay them though, I know that there are others that cannot afford even that.

I'm avoiding work. I have a few small things to work on and I know I need to work on them (I've only been avoiding it for a day). The entire work situation, with my feelings toward the employer and the history, not to mention the rudeness on their part of not even sending a response to my thank you letter, it has all left me quite disgusted. But, we need money, so sometimes we have to do things we aren't very happy about.

As soon as the files are done downloading I will start the project and put on some ST:TNG. The LM's robot should come today so I need to get some things done before the afternoon is spent in assembly. (which is going to be a riot. we are going to have fun!).

Obligatory photo.

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