Thursday, July 2, 2015


Yogaga is the name of the nail polish I am wearing today. It is kind of a brown-gray color. I know it doesn't sound pretty, but I think it is.

Today will be a better day. The leather cord I ordered came in and I have some ideas of how I want to use it.

Yesterday turned around, as days tend to do when I am faced with a battery of enthusiasm from friends. I have a great friends who are very supportive. My painting from a few days ago turned out well and my son got to put his robot together. My husband started reading MASH to me, which is very funny. I think in addition to MASH we are going to try to start reading a book about mindfulness. It was recommended by my doctor and may help with my depression.

Until later I will be reading Belle Armoire Jewelry, playing with my son, and watching Murder, She Wrote in the background.

Photo for today.

Love Can Be Messy by Heather.

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