Tuesday, January 7, 2014

arctic extreme cold edition

When your brother-in-law mentions that it is as cold out side here as it is on Hoth, you might happen to live in Minnesota. Yes, it is really, really, absurdly cold outside.

We are on day two of no school due to extreme cold, which means the amount of work I have been able to get done is close to nil. When the LM is ensconced in Mario videos I start thinking . . . this is it, I *might* have found a window to respond to some emails. I quietly sneak upstairs, open my mail program, start to read . . . and then I hear *thump, thump, thump* of pajama covered feet coming up the stairs.
“Mom! Let’s have a Mario battle! I’ll be this guy and you can be all of these guys!”
“Okay, sweetie, just give mommy a minute here. I need to send these emails to work.”
“Okay, I'll get the other guys ready!”
He goes back downstairs.
I’m halfway through a response when: *thump, thump, thump*
“Mom, are you ready? Hey, we can pretend these guys shoot ice cream from their hands!”
“Okay, yes, I’m almost done, can you give me a few more minutes?”
“I know, but you were home all day yesterday, too and I haven’t been able to get much done.”
“But we’re going to have a Mario battle and you get all of the good guys!”
“Okay, okay. I’ll just send this and then we’ll have our Mario battle.”
He goes back downstairs. Again.

Just feel free to repeat the above conversation at least two to three times. This is why no work gets done on stay-at-home days.

And now I have to go see how many ‘final’ bosses there are before I can win the Mario battle. Then we’ll go back to reading a pirate story.

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melissa said...

i love the hoth comparison!
it was perfect!! if only we'd had a ton ton to climb inside of...