Sunday, January 19, 2014

If you take a Heather to the Cities

She will probably have an adventure. C and I went to the Cycle World Motorcycle show over the weekend and did we have an awesome time. We saw some beautiful bikes . . .

And sat on a lot of them!

In an amazing turn of events we met Gandalf.

After three hours we decided we ought to have a pint, so down to Brit's Pub we went. While we were enjoying our pints and scotch eggs we spotted a new art exhibit in the City Pages. The gallery happened to be only two blocks away. So we decided to go!

We met the artist and bought a print (of the painting behind me in the photo). An exhibit all about fairytale princesses behaving badly. The artist is Kate Renee (

And finally, we went back to our hotel and had a glass of wine next to the fireplace in the lobby. All in all, a pretty fantastic weekend. 

Oh, and C woke me up with fresh, French pastries. He got up early, snuck out of the hotel and visited a bakery down the street. Damn am I lucky.


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melissa said...

hooray!! i'm glad you had such a fun outing!!