Sunday, February 10, 2013

So the past week was up and down.

I had a large headache start on Monday while at work and just get progressively worse. Knitting was fun, though it was a real struggle to make myself leave the house and go into the cold weather to drive there. There were also quite a few new people their, which while nice, was also a terrible thing to put to a headache. There was so much chattering and intermittent noise that I left early; my headache had mainly gotten worse.

I've been gone from work a lot lately, so I was really trying to stick it out this week, I worked almost 10 hours on Monday, a bit over 9 hours on Tuesday. By Thursday my headache, which had been coming and going, had gotten pretty bad. I did manage to stay the entire day though. Friday I woke up and wanted to push my eye out of my head; it hurt to open it. I slept most of the day and spent the rest watching mysteries (or rather, listening to them). I finally went in to the clinic and was diagnosed with a tension headache. They gave me a shot, recommended some neck stretches (which I had been doing throughout the week already) and sent me home for rest.

I really do love the job that I do, but as responsibilities and the amount of work has gone up, my ability to deal with the stress and my depression, has gone down. I did the right thing, by making an appointment with my doctor for next week to discuss coping mechanisms.

Not really an inspiring post, but more of a catalog of how I get to these points.

Also, Terry pratchett is damn funny.

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