Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Trying to clean

I've been exercising more lately, focusing on yoga and aerobics. Trying desperately to get ride of the pounds I put on while I was taking the Abilify. When I started that medication back in August of 2014 I weight 120lbs. Now I weigh 140lbs. I know it isn't a log, but it doesn't help my mood to have to go to the thrift and get new clothes every other month.

Today is the LM's check up. He is less than thrilled and has been pouting all morning, but he will get through it. Overall he is a very healthy kid and I am lucky to have such a great boy.

My mood is better today. I actually have drive to do some research and continue some knitting, so that is something at least. My husband also had a great idea as to how I can tackle the house (which is a mess). We have a classic case of too much stuff, too little space. At least a quarter of it are my hobbies. Knitting, spinning, sculpture, beading, and sewing take up quite a bit of space. At least another quarter to half is my son's craft stuff and toys (we both really like to make things). The last quarter, well, that is just the everyday dishes, laundry, etc. Anyway, my husband suggested I put the name of each room into a hat. Draw a room out of the hat and work on cleaning that room for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes is done I stop and either clean a different room, or go do something else. He said that way I should be able to take the house in small bites rather than looking at it as a whole and being overwhelmed. I'm going to try it, possibly starting today. (It depends, it looks like there could be some good hammock time outside today).

That is it for now. I did my morning exercise. Got out of bed before 9 a.m. and brushed my hair. Hello world! 

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