Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Simply Knitting

Hello all. I've decided to make a blog dedicated to knitting. My personal life gets so silly and really doesn't need to involve innocent yarn and so I've separated the two. I'm sure the posts shall be few and far between, but I shall try to update with photos. Though not today (as the camera batteries are deceased).

I've been working on some armwarmers. They are green and kind of an orange-red stripe. I based the pattern on the one from the Stitch n' Bitch Nation, but left out the chart and added a few stitches (the others were too tight).

I haven't worked on my Nagini sock in two weeks. I have to figure out which row I am on (I lost track while talking and knitting).

I've also been experimenting on my knitting technique. I knit left-handed. I slip stitches from the right to the left needle. It works fine, except when I knit in the round, my stitches look straight, but the entire piece spirals. I'll post a picture when the afore mentioned batteries are revived. I've been trying to knit into the front loops of the stitches (I've been told I already knit into the back of the stitches). I'm not sure if it works though. I'll have to knit the second armwarmer entirely in the new technique to see if it stops the spiraling. If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them.

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